Through out the year, we have tests given to assess the current status of our students. These tests include, but are not limited to:
  • Florida State Assessments (FSA)
  • Florida State Alternative Assessments (FSAA)
  • Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS)
  • Common Final Exams (CFE)
  • Progress Monitoring Activities (PMA)
  • SAT (Seniors in the Fall and Juniors in the Spring)
  • ACT NCR (non college re-portable)
  • Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)
  • Access for ELL (WIDA)

To learn more about these tests, I would encourage you to check out the state or district websites given below: 
FLDOE Testing Information
OCPS Testing Information

Information about upcoming tests given at Ocoee High can be found in one of the sub pages listed to the left.