Comparing Advanced Studies Programs

Each of our advanced studies options offer a range of benefits, including

  • Cost-savings - earning college credit before leaving high school.
  • Time-savings - students can complete their college degree in less time earning credits before HS graduation.
  • Rigor and independence - Students learn time management, study skills, test prep, note taking, and other academic skills to be a more successful college student.

Career Focus - Through advanced coursework, students can explore career options before picking a college major.

Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma - The College Board

Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma - Cambridge International Examination

Dual Enrollment - Valencia, Embry-Riddle, UCF, UF

  • Twenty-two independent courses are available to students- not a structured program of study.
  • A passing score on the AP exam earns a student college credit at most colleges and universities.
  • Prepares students for rigorous college-level coursework.
  • Independent course option affords students the opportunity to mix AP courses with other advanced study options.
  • Offered as a full diploma program of coursework.
  • College credit is awarded by most colleges and universities for each AICE course + exam series passed by a student.
  • Offers students a "fast track" to the FL Bright Futures Scholarship award.
  • Prepares students for rigorous college-level coursework.
  • Flexible course of study allows students to customize their program.
  • Often offers industry certifications that may be directly employable after high school or within an additional semester to one year of coursework.
  • College credit is awarded from the college/university of enrollment; An official college transcript begins with the grades earned in these courses.
  • Transferability of college credit is dependent on the course and the school of transfer.
  • Gives students career exploration opportunities.

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