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Clubs and Organizations
Athletic Training Club Coryn Novak [email protected] 6114581
Band Club Bernie Hendricks [email protected] 6114881
Battle of the Books Ashley Gecewicz [email protected] 6114567
BETA Tiffany McBean [email protected] 6114531
Brain Bee Club Kacheena Trudeau [email protected] 6114539
Building Club William Rock [email protected] 6114502
Chorus Club Sam Carlton [email protected] 6114880
Computer Tech Club Joshua Joyner [email protected] 6114615
Cooking Club Jason Carlucci [email protected] 6114228
Diamond Club Chad Hall [email protected] 6114407
Drama Jeffrey Cook [email protected] 6114836
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Cassandra Newman [email protected] 6114534
FFA Amy Anderson [email protected] 6114410
FFA National Peter Jordan [email protected] 6114483
Gaming Club Yegues Schettini [email protected] 6114517
Migrant Student Club Carmen Baerga [email protected] 6114683
Minority Leadership - male Bernie Hendricks [email protected] 6114881
Minority Leadership - female Shasarene Hendricks [email protected] 6114802
Mu Alpha Theta Marcal Cohen [email protected] 6114616
Ntl English Honor Society Amanda Patrick [email protected] 6114558
Ntl Honor Society Catherine Cannon [email protected] 6114609
Ntl Science Honor Society Matthew Somar [email protected] 6114627
Ntl Tri Music Honor Society Bernie Hendricks [email protected] 6114881
Newspaper Club Aprilis Diaz [email protected] 6114536
Peer Mediation Cathy Edwards-Lee [email protected] 6114115
Quiz Bowl Ian McKenzie [email protected] 6114548
Spanish Honor Society Sybil McKinzy [email protected] 6114422
Special Olympics Olajumoke Adebimpe [email protected] 6114504
SGA Wendy Cartwright [email protected] 6114509
Thespians Troupe 3936 Jeffrey Cook [email protected] 6114836
Yearbook Aprilis Diaz [email protected] 6114536