AICE Diploma Course Requirements


The AICE diploma requires students to successfully complete a minimum of seven AICE level courses and pass the corresponding end-of-year examinations, with at least one course and exam from each of three subject groupings.

Students are also required to complete English General Paper and Global Perspectives.

AICE level courses and exams offered at Ocoee High School in 2022 and their subject group:

Group 1: Math and Science
AICE Mathematics AS-level
AICE Marine Science AS-level
AICE Environmental Management* (AS)
AICE Physics AS-level
AICE Chemistry AS-level
AICE Psychology AS-level*

Group 2: Languages
AICE English Language
AICE French Language
AICE Spanish Language AS-level (2021)

Group 3: Arts and Humanities
AICE English Literature
AS-level (2021)
AICE European History
AICE U.S. History
AICE Environmental Management* (AS)
AICE Psychology AS-level*

Group 4: Interdisciplinary Category
AICE English General Paper- AS level
(mandatory for OHS AICE program)

Core- Compulsory Group
AICE Global Perspectives- AS Level
(mandatory for AICE diploma)

*Note: AICE Psychology and AICE Environmental Science may count as either a Group 1 or Group 3 course towards the AICE diploma. However, only AICE Environmental Management counts as a high school science credit; AICE Psych counts as elective credit on your high school transcript, not as a math or science credit.

AICE Diploma Award

In order to earn the AICE diploma and be automatically awarded the top tier FL Bright
Futures Scholarship, students must pass the Cambridge final exams from a minimum of seven AICE courses, with at least one class from each of the three subject groups AND the Global Perspectives exam series. Students who pass the required seven exam sets will earn the AICE Diploma Award from Cambridge International Examinations.