Enrollment and Registration

Registration Information

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 All new students registering must have the following:

    • Completed Registration Packet
    • Student’s Birth Certificate
    • Proof of immunizations on a Florida Form 680
    • Proof of physical examination by a U.S. doctor within a year of enrollment (first day of entry at school).
    • Withdrawal paperwork from the last school attended
    • Transcript and Final Report Card
    • Verification of special education information (Current IEP or 504 Plan) if applicable
    • Government-issued ID with current address for registering parent/guardian (ex. Drivers License)
    • Verification of residence in Orange County (with one of the following):
      • If you OWN a home: Warranty deed, property taxes, closing contract, or homestead exemption card (in parent/guardian’s name)
        • Current utility bill (whole electric or whole water bill) in parent/guardian’s name
        • Current mail
      • If you RENT or LEASE: Current, complete (WHOLE), signed, and dated lease with parent/guardian’s name (additional documentation could be requested)
        • Current utility bill (whole electric or whole water bill) in parent/guardian’s name
        • Rent receipts
        • Current mail
        • Renters insurance
      • If you are living with someone: You will need to obtain a verification of residence from OCPS Student Enrollment: https://www.ocps.net/departments/student_enrollment/verification_of_residence
    • Verification of Guardianship
      • If you are divorced, we will need the divorce decree and parenting plan
      • If you are the Legal Guardian (not the biological parent), we will need court documentation
      • If you are separated or do not have court documentation for either of the above, you will need to go to Student Enrollment through OCPS- https://www.ocps.net/departments/student_enrollment/guardianship


Anyone in need of Verification of Residence or Educational Guardianship must make an appointment to visit Student Enrollment at enrollment.ocps.net or call (407) 317-3233.


Once you have all the required documentation, please upload it to à https://tinyurl.com/ocoeehsregistration. ß


If you have additional questions, please contact Ms. Jennifer O'Brien at [email protected].