Senior Class-2021

Graduation is set!!! The Ocoee High School ceremony will take place on May 27th, at 7:30pm, at the Amway Center. More details about the ceremony, including the number of limited tickets, will be available when we receive that information from OCPS.

Graduation activity and honors cords will need to be ordered by printing and mailing the 
cord form and payment to the Jostens office or by calling the Jostens office to place the order over the phone and pay by credit card. The on-time cap and gown purchase price has expired. The mandatory cap and gown package is now $65 dollars. Various other cap and gown packages can be found on the Jostens Orlando website. Go to and click on "Shop High School" and enter Ocoee High.

Cap and Gowns will be delivered to the school and distribution will start the beginning of May. Details on distribution will be sent out at a later date.

Here is the 
link to order cap and gown/packages. Scroll past the packages and click on shop graduation products, if you are only purchasing the basic cap and gown unit.

Note to seniors about graduation apparel.
Those wearing black gowns:
Guys - dark color pants with black dress shoes. Any color shirt with a tie - the tie is mandatory.
Girls - any color dress or dark color dress pants. The dress cannot be longer than the gown. Black dress shoes.

Those wearing white gowns:
Guys- light color shirt with no pattern with dark color pants and black dress shoes. Any color tie - the tie is mandatory.
Girls - light color dress with no pattern and white or nude color dress shoes. The dress cannot be longer than the gown. Or, dark color dress pants with black dress shoes and light color shirt with no pattern.

Keep in mind that the cap is worn pulled down to the middle of your forehead, so to keep your face as the focal point, bright colored apparel and oversized jewelry is discouraged. No necklaces/jewelry may hang on the outside of the gown. Also, you will be standing for at least one hour prior to the ceremony, so keep that in mind when choosing the height of the shoe heel.

Caps and gowns cannot be decorated or altered in any way. If the student shows up to graduation with apparel infractions, it will be up to the graduate to correct the error prior to the ceremony - including purchasing a new cap/gown. Make sure to secure the tassel to the cap. If you lose the tassel, you will need to purchase a new one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Cartwright