AICE Teacher Responsibilities

Acknowledgement of Honor Code

All teachers will review the Honor Code with students at the start of each school year, as well as review the late work, retake, and other classroom policies.

Late Work

Homework is provided with the purpose of furthering student engagement and content mastery.

Students will be allowed to turn in any late formative work that was assigned to be completed outside of class before the summative assessment date for the same material. Late work will be assessed a penalty of 10% per day (capped at 50%) off of the originally earned score. No credit will be given for late work turned in after the unit test covering the same material.  Any grade adjustment beyond the policy described above will be at the discretion of the AICE instructor(s) for a particular course.


Summative assessment retakes are encouraged within the OHS AICE Academy as a part of our mastery learning philosophy. One retake for each assessed topic will be afforded to students, however, the format of assessment may differ from the original assessment based on teacher discretion.  AICE students will be asked to complete alternative practice work, assigned by their instructor, prior to any retake opportunity in an effort to achieve content mastery.  Students will have 10 school days from the day they receive a summative exam grade to attempt a retake; formative assessments are not eligible for retakes per this policy and are afforded only at the discretion of the AICE instructor(s) for a particular course.