Virtual Graduation Permission

Virtual Graduation Permission Form


In order to participate in Ocoee High School’s Virtual Graduation, we need to have the OCPS Model Release Permission Form completed and returned to us. Please follow these directions carefully. Submitting incorrect information may prevent you from participating in the ceremony.

  1. Click to open the correct model release:
    1. Student is under 18 years old and needs a parent to complete the form.
    2. Student is 18 years old or older and can complete the form themselves.

  2. Complete the correct form carefully.

  3. Save the file on your computer. Make sure it saves as a PDF document.

  4. Open this online form to submit the PDF document.

    1. You must have a Gmail account to upload the PDF document.
    2. If you are a student, use your student account.
    3. If you are a parent without a Gmail account:
      1. You can create one, or
      2. You can have your student use their school account.
    4. Make sure to fill out the form accurately. Submitting incorrect information may delay the processing of your form.

  5. You will get a submission acknowledgement sent to the email address you uploaded the file with.