Student Parking

Junior and Senior students who wish to drive to school and park a vehicle in the student parking lot are required to have a parking hanger purchased during that school year within the first day of bringing a vehicle on campus. The use of a parking hanger is a privilege and may be revoked at any time at the discretion of an administrator. Please download and complete the Parking Contract Form.

Parking hangers will be sold in the Princeton Office 519.

  1. Students must complete the Parking Contract Form.
  2. Students must bring in current registration and current proof of insurance. No exceptions!
  3. All financial obligations (band, SGA, books, sports, clubs, etc.) MUST be paid before hanger can be purchased.
  4. Students must bring in a non-temporary legal Florida driver’s license. The address on the student's driver’s license must match the address the school has on file for the student
  5. Parking hangers are $60 and must be paid by going to School Pay using this link. Checks should be made payable to Ocoee High School.
  6. If a student has to forfeit their parking hanger during the school year, Ocoee High School will not refund the cost of purchase.