Class of 2019 Graduation

Graduation Ceremony

May 25th 7pm UCF CFE Arena


Graduation Dress/Attire

Young women should wear dresses or dress slacks with black dress shoes with black gowns, and light color dresses, without patterns, with white dress shoes for Honor Society. Dresses should not be longer than the gown.

Young men should wear dark dress pants, black dress shoes with dark socks, and a traditional tie. Ties are mandatory! Tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, shorts and jeans are considered inappropriate attire and are not allowed.


Tickets, Guest Arrival and Attendance

Graduates will be receiving a designated number of tickets for family members to attend the graduation ceremony. Tickets will be given out at graduation rehearsal. The policy of the graduation venue is that every person, including children sitting on laps, must have a ticket.

Directions (from Ocoee area)

Once the venue is announced, you will be able to get directions here.



There will be security at the venue entrances.To maintain the dignity of this formal occasion, the following items are NOT permitted inside the venue: bottles, cans, containers, alcoholic beverages, noisemakers, air horns, flags, laser pens, silly string, confetti, banners, signs, posters or balloons.

Guests will be asked to return these items to their cars or leave them at their own risk. Neither Ocoee High School nor the venue will be responsible for confiscated items.

Other items specific to the venue will be updated here.

Guests with Disabilities


 Please let Mrs. Cartwright know if you have a guest with a hearing impairment who will need accommodations

Photos and Videos


A professional photographer will take pictures of graduates receiving diplomas. You will receive proofs in the mail or by e-mail and may wish to make a purchase at that time.

While cameras and video recording equipment are permitted, guests are required to photograph or videotape from their seats only and must not obstruct the view of others.

Also, feel free to take pictures from your seated area, but please be courteous to those around you and do not interfere with their viewing. 

However, under no circumstances will anyone be permitted on the graduation floor or against the barricades. 

Again, we ask that you remain seated throughout the ceremony and not disturb those around you or the formality of the occasion.



Students will be given a diploma cover on stage.The actual diploma will be distributed immediately following the graduation ceremony. Please make arrangements to meet your graduate/parent outside the arena. 

The graduation ceremony is an important event for family and friends of graduates. We appreciate your cooperation in allowing each senior’s name to be heard as it is announced during the ceremony. As with any other formal function, moving about excessively, talking or cheering loudly, or creating distractions are inappropriate. We want to ensure that graduates are honored in the manner their achievement deserves. Every senior is important at Ocoee High School, and all graduates deserve our attention as each makes that long awaited walk across the stage.

We look forward, with you, to these memorable events and wish all of you a safe and enjoyable graduation experience.






















Graduation Requirements

Click here and then select the appropriate document to see your graduation requirements.


Students MUST pay all outstanding obligations before a cap and gown or graduation tickets are issued.

Cap & Gowns

Caps and Gowns MUST be ordered through Ocoee High School with the company Jostens.  Those planning to use a sibling’s gown must show it to Mrs. Cartwright for approval and still pay the fees associated with graduation. For more information see Ms. Cartwright in room 509 or email

Graduation Rehearsal

Graduation Rehearsal will be announced.  It is MANDATORY that you attended graduation rehearsal. You are responsible for being in place and on time for rehearsal.

Rehearsal is during school hours, so all students will need a permission slip.  These will be given out during cap and gown distribution.  Slips are due back to Mrs. Cartwright in room 509 by the due date.