NCAA/NAIA/JUCO Eligibility


NCAA/NAIA Eligibility

Are you getting recruited to play at the next level? Are you planning on playing sports in college? Then you must make sure you register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center). Below are some basic steps you must take to start ensuring you will be eligible to sign that college scholarship or play when you get to college.


NCAA Division I and II


  • Go to
  • Click on College Bound NCAA Student-Athletes
  • Click on 'New Account' in upper-right hand corner.
    • Submit e-mail address.
    • When you receive the verification code, type that in and fill out electronic paperwork to create an account.
    • Enter all information requested throughout the questionnaire.
  • See Mr. Alderman in the Athletic Office (519) when you have completed the process to get your transcripts sent to the NCAA.



  •  Go to

    • Click on 'Register to Play.'

    • Click on blue register button.

    • Create profile and register.

    • Enter all information requested throughout questionnaire.